Shocking! This girl’s heart beat outside the stomach


In a surprising incident, a strange thing came to light in Russia due to which she is grabbing attention of people and becoming headlines of news. The strange thing about her is that she has heart in her stomach.

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The girl has been found as Virsaviya Borun. She is suffering from abdominal syndrome and her heart is covered with only one skin and appears to be hung outside.

As per doctors, only one in 5 million children is victims of this particular type of syndrome. It is also called as Pantalogy Of Cantrell.

For the treatment of this child, her parents had come to Florida where this baby was operated.

After the operation this girl’s life changed completely and it has now become more normal like the other children.

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The mother of this girl affirmed, “We used to be very disturbed about this girl because even a slight injury could have caused major damage to this child. Staying out of the baby’s body was always dangerous. If she fell somewhere he could have had a great loss and she could have died.”