Shocking! Delivery Man Sips Customer’s Soup, Changes It With Own Pee


In a shocking incident, a man received stinking soup when his wife presented romantic surprise for her on the occasion of Chinese valentine’s day. The soup which she had made for him was changed with urine.

pee_soup4.jpgThis Man’s love story will warm your heart!

On Chinese Valentine’s Day in August, the woman prepared red bean soup for her husband at home when he was at his office.  She made attempts to send soup with the help of a food delivery service in a thermos at his office. Unfortunately, he received a foul smell soup as it was replaced by urine.

When he got the so called soup, he got shocked as it had horrible smell. He had a phone call to her asking that whether the soup was recently prepared. Over his query, she responded, “Yes”.

Later, the wife’s husband complained the delivery company about the issue. When the delivery company called up the delivery man, he said, “He had drunk the soup because he was really thirsty and topped up the thermos with his urine.”

“I didn’t have any grievances, I just couldn’t find any water,” he confessed.

As per the reports,  the proprietor of the delivery company flutter from Beijing to Chengdu to make an apology for the weird thing that he had done.

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