Shocking! Boy who ate rat for 44 years, dies


Weird stories have become so common these days. Once again, we have come up with something new for you all. I am sure you will be shocked after hearing about this news. Today, we are telling you about a boy who loves to consume rat. This boy started living in forest after Vietnam War. He has been found as Ho Wan Long.

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Since 44 years, he have been eating rat and it has become his daily habit. After escaping from home with his father during the Vietnam War, he lived in forests of the Travesty District for nearly 41 years. According to media reports, Long’s father was in the Vietnam Army.

With his father, Ho Van Thanh, he ran from his village in the last time of the war. During this war, he lost his mother and two siblings in the bombing of the United States, after which his father took the decision. Since then these two fathers and sons have disappeared from the eyes of the world. They feared that they should not be killed in cross-firing. Like Tarzan, he lived in a tree house. In addition, the animals and trees used to wear bark cloths.

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It was first seen in 2013 by a local man. After this, gradually they are engaged in trying to become a part of the society. Now live in a house built near Long Jungle. Alvaro Cergeo, MD of Docastave Company, who offered holiday in remote areas recently met Long. He told that Long is cut off from the outer world. They know about the civilized world as much as their father has told them. Now gradually they are getting involved in it.