Shocking! This 73-yr old lady eats sand daily, know reason behind it


Daily we hear about weird stories in India. Some people love to eat chalk, pen and few others like to consume lead etc. Today, we are telling you are about 78-year-old lady who loves to have sand. The lady has been found as Kusumavati, who belongs from Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. The surprising thing about her is that she survives even after consuming sand.

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As per the reports, she daily consumes 1 Kg of sand. At the age of 15-yrs, the lady became sick and her stomach started to thrive. When she consulted doctor, he directed him to consume half a glass of milk and two spoons sand. This made her fit and from then she started having sand on daily basis.

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Doctors believe that her digestive system is normal and this is the only reason she doesn’t get ill even after having sand. This proved to be perfect ingredient for her to get rid of illness.