I was shocked and hurt by Rajamouli’s interview says Sridevi


Since the reports that Sridevi declined to be a piece of SS Rajamouli’s “Baahubali” turned out, a lot has been speculated about the reason so as to why Sridevi picked not to be a part of the project. However, in a recent meeting, the performer chosen to open up about the incident and uncovered that she was hurt and in a state of shock after the way, Rajamouli talked about the occurrence.

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In a recent interview, Sridevi stated, “I was shocked and hurt by his interview. Rajamouli is a calm and dignified individual. I was very happy to (have got a chance to) work with him. But, the way he talked about the issue made me feel very sad.”

While the reason for Sridevi’s choice to not join the cast has been kept under the wraps, the buzz is that she opted out because of the requests of her remuneration not being met. Rubbishing these bits of gossip, Sridevi included, “Individuals would have sent me packing if I was like that. I don’t know whether the producer wrongly revealed to Rajamouli that I made all these requests yet it is not in good taste to speak like this.”

When asked if Sridevi has seen SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus, the “Mother” performing artist stated, “No. To be honest, I didn’t see the movie.” However, not the one to skirt around the topic, she included, “But I would like to discuss this. It has become to be such a big issue and individuals are imagining things. I have my own reasons. First of all two parts of Baahubali have come out, and now they are asking me. There are many movies, I won’t. Why are they not discussing it? Why just this film? I will go there and discuss it.”