Shivshankar Menon says Real threats to India are not from outside forces


The real dangers to India are "inside" and radiate from public and social brutality, not from outside strengths, for example, Pakistan or China, previous national security guide Shivshankar Menon has said.

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Inquired if Pakistan or China represents an existential risk to India, Menon said: "No".

"As far as national security, I think the genuine dangers are inward," Mr Menon said.

"There's no existential risk to India's presence today externally, unlike in the 50s or when we were formed. Also, for a long time till late 60s there were genuine inside separatist dangers, no more. I imagine that we have genuine managed," Mr Menon included.

His long profession in broad daylight benefits traverses discretion, national security, and India's relations with its neighbors and major worldwide forces.

Mr Menon served as national security counselor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from January 2010 to May 2014.

Mr Menon's first book post retirement – 'Decisions: Inside the making of India's Foreign Policy' – is good to go to hit book shops all inclusive one week from now.

Requested that expound on what he implied by interior dangers, he said: "If there are genuine dangers to India, to the possibility of India, India's respectability, today they really originate from inside the nation."

"In the event that you take a gander at viciousness in India, passings from psychological warfare, from left wing radicalism, declined consistently all through this 21st century until 2014-15. Indeed, even now the essential pattern for fear based oppression, left wing fanaticism is down. What has expanded is since 2012, shared savagery, social brutality, inner viciousness has increment. That is something we have to discover a route in managing," Mr Menon said.

"This is not a conventional peace issue, which our customary instruments, the police, the states know how to manage. You take a gander at savagery against ladies, public, standing viciousness, in the event that you take a gander at those organizations of brutality, these are every one of the an aftereffect of enormous social and monetary change of removing of populace, urbanization… different types of progress, which regardless we have to figure out how to manage," he said.

Mr Menon said those are the dangers, which over the long haul, can possibly "have genuine effect".

"India has changed. It is typical. It happens to most social orders where there is change. Be that as it may, you additionally need to learn better approaches for managing," he said and ascribed the new dangers to the quick and quick improvement of the nation.

At the point when asked that a few people credited this to the BJP coming to control, Menon said even that is a result of the change that the Indian culture is experiencing now.

Mr Menon beforehand served as India's outside secretary from 2006 to 2009 and as represetative and high official to Israel from 1995-97, Sri Lanka (1997-2000), China (2000-03) and Pakistan (2003-06).

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