Shivdaspura: Speeding truck moved down over two people


Jaipur: On late Saturday night a rushing truck mowed down two persons near Shivdaspura. The dead, recognized as Man Singh (25) and Kanhaiya (20) were hurried to a nearby hospital where doctors affirmed them bought dead.

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The police have revealed that the two were residents of Prahladpura village and were headed home when the accident took place. A police official has also conveyed that, on Saturday around 11.45pm, the motorcycle on which the two was riding was taking a curve near Sitapura Circle when Bhanwarlal marked a heavy truck in front of him.

Prior to he could change way, the speeding truck ran over them. Both of them was copiously bleeding from their heads as they came under the wheels of the truck. Nearby people tried to catch driver as he fled from the spot. Villagers knowledgeable police and ambulance. Police further conveyed that the attempts are being made to catch the driver.

Police have registered a case next to the unnamed driver for rash driving. Police officials further added that, we suspect that the truck was being driven more than the permissible limit. That’s why he lost control and rammed over them.

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The spot near Shivdaspur and Prahaladpura has witnessed numerous mishaps. On June 13, two persons, recognized as Bhanwarlal (32) and Vikas (21) died following an overloaded truck lost control and ran over them. Mutually Bhanwarlal and Vikas were also residents of Prahaladpura village. On Sunday morning the body of the two was handed over to their families subsequent post-mortem.