Shillong: Things to do


Shillong is a hill station in northeast India and capital of the state of Meghalaya. It’s known for Lady Hydari Park’s manicured gardens. Nearby, Ward’s Lake is surrounded by walking trails. North, the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures features displays on the region’s native people. Waterfalls include the Elephant Falls to the southwest. East of here, forested Shillong Peak offers city views.

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The city of Shillong is often considered to be a place where nature is in its primal beauty; where clouds and the sun express their own camaraderie through a vivid interlay of sunshine and shadow; where the colonial remnants meet the upsurge of modern day influence and where music runs through the veins of everyone you come across. So naturally, there is a lot to see in Shillong, which is, by the way, true to the core; but to tag the city as merely a ‘places to visit paradise’ would be sheer injustice to the lesser known opportunities for action and adventure. Things to do in Shillong can be turned into a full-fledged vacation idea rather than just a part of the itinerary.

Waterfall rappelling at Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls is the combination of three small torrents that form a strong stream that adorns the fern-covered rocks. The place got its name in the colonial era when the Englishmen spotted a giant rock resembling an elephant near the fall. The rock got destroyed during an earth quake and the Englishmen left the country but the name stayed. Due to its origin in three streams, the water force of Elephant Falls is one to reckon with which offers ample opportunities for adventure sports like waterfall rappelling. For starters, you can try rappelling from the height of 40 ft and don’t worry; you will be well harnessed under expert surveillance. Climb down from your starting point and feel the immense water pressure on you while you struggle to find your footing in the slippery rocks

vihigaon-waterfall-rappelling-2Golfing in Shillong Golf Course

Courtesy its past as the British capital of the then undivided Assam, Shillong has the imprints of the days bygone; Shillong Golf Course is one of them. But it will be sheer injustice to the magnanimous entity if we box it up only as a colonial remnant and a place for the professional players to test their skills. The 18-hole course is a green paradise with grass spread across like carpet with trees standing like watchful protectors. The lush green hills that form the backdrop of beautiful pine and rhododendron trees add to the splendor of the landscape. Be a part of the golf tournaments that are held on this venue to be one with the surroundings and its legacy.

golfingBoating at Umiam Lake

Located about 15 kms north of Shillong, this lake is basically a water reservoir that was formed due to the damming of the Umiam river. Historically this lake holds a special place in North East India, courtesy the fact that the dam that gave birth to Umiam Lake is the first Hydel power project in the region. A massive water body, the total catchment area of the lake and dam is spread over 220 square kms. This beautiful lake is a paradise for the nature lovers and ones who crave for a hide out from the daily hustle of city life. The water of Umiam Lake is very clean and hence offers a never-to-be missed opportunity of boating and other water activities. Hire a boat and sail into its crystal clear water to enjoy the surrounding beauty of the entire landscape. The water sports complex at Umiam Lake offers adventure sports options like water skiing, sailing and rowing to the visitors.

boatingTake a stroll around Wards Lake

Located in the midst of the colonial era Shillong, Wards Lake is a popular hangout place for the tourists and locals alike. Unlike the Umiam Lake, this one is more planned and all the facilities have been provided keeping in mind requirements of the leisure traveller. The entire area is adorned with flower beds, beautiful trees, lovely high lands and a bridge. Seekers of tranquility will have their share of personal space amid a growing city; nature lovers can admire the man-made corner for the greens and photography enthusiasts will not mind spending some time in Wards Lake. Extend your walk towards the northeast direction of the lake and after about 15 minutes you will arrive at the Shillong Golf Course which with all its greenery and pine trees!

wards-lake_2Musical sojourn

Shillong is the unofficial but undisputed rock capital of India with a legacy of musical heritage that runs through the veins of every Shillong dweller. Music is in the air of this beautiful city and get ready to bump into at least one good musician with his instrument hanging on the shoulder in any corner of Shillong. The influence of metal and rock sound is prominent in Shillong music scene but let’s not undermine the rich local musical flavours that are equally rich in tone and texture. Shillong is home to India’s first and most prominent all-female band Afflatus and the famous Lou Majaw. Few of the bars and pubs are known for their live band performances with famous local bands like Soulmate and Prisoners of Chaos weaving their magic. And if you have had enough of indoor performances, maybe you should visit Shillong during a music concert. Indian and international musicians gather in those concerts and cast a spell of melody on the audience leaving them wanting for more


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