Sheetla Saptami Significance : Check why cold food is consumed on this day

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Sheetla Saptami is on Thursday, March 8 while Sheetla Ashtami is on Friday, 9th March this year. On this occasion, there is a tradition of eating cold food and every person celebrates this festival in different regions of India. Only few people are aware that why cold food is consumed on this day. For those who are unaware, we are telling you the story associated with it.

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It has been said in the scriptures that Sheetla Mata rides on a donkey, she holds dome, broom, broth in her hands and wear garlands of neem leaves in her neck.

–  This festival occurs when winter goes (winter season) and summer (summer) comes. One should give special attention to food in these two seasons.

– Necessary precautions must be taken in evening to get rid of seasonal diseases.

– Saptami- Ashtami that comes in the month of Chaitra is called as Sheetla Saptami and Sheetla Ashtami. In these two days, fasting is done for Sheetla Mata.

– Those who eat cold food on Sheetla Saptami or Ashtami, they get rid of cold and cough problems.

– Consumption of cool food helps to provide stomach and digestive system benefits. People who suffer from fever, cold, cough, eye-related problems, etc during this season, they must consume stale food every year on Sheetla Saptami or Ashtami.

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– A day before Saptami, a food is cooked by women of house and next day stale food is consumed by people. Hot food has been taboo on this day.

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