SHEEP to Steer Google Street View


Living across 18 tiny sub-polar islands in the north Atlantic, Faroe islanders have not yet played host to the technology giant's cars, areso sick of being missed out that tired of waiting for Google Street View to come and map the roads, causeways and bridges of the archipelago, a team has set up its own mapping project: Sheep View360,  by attaching cameras to the local SHEEP.

Now local tourist body, Visit Faroe Islands, has decided that the 50,000 human residents will put their 70,000 woolly counterparts to good use.

Durita Dahl Andreassen from the organisation says: "The idea is a little bit crazy, but I think I can make it work."

"The Faroe Islands have some of the most beautiful roads in the world. It is impossible to describe what it feels like driving through the green valleys and up the mountains, or alongside the ocean, surrounded by steep drops and tall cliffs. "But… unlike almost all other parts of Europe, we don’t exist on Google Street View. The Faroe Islands may be rugged and remote but this collection of 18 islands in the North Atlantic also provide some of the world’s most magical landscapes and it is time that this hidden Nordic nation is revealed to the world.", she said.

The islands, which lie between Scotland's northwest coast and Iceland, are now scattered with sheep wearing 360-degree solar-powered cameras capturing photos which  are then transmitted back to Ms Andreassen's mobile phone so that she can upload them to Google Street View herself – but she says 'Sheep View' is no substitute, and calls on supporters to sign a petition summoning Google to come and map their roads.

Crazy, right? But it is so. Let’s Hope Google put a hand-in to support the Island.