Sheep born with 6 feet


A bizarre young sheep unfortunately born with six feet instead of four is a matter of discussion presently.

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Bizarre footage of the animal, born in China, shows it standing in a pen as a man and woman inspect its deformity.

Rather than one foot attached to its front left leg it has three.

The extra hooves seem to be almost twisted around the main leg and can be lifted separately to the first foot, as the man demonstrates.

This sheep was one of four born in a village in Jinan, Shandong Province but it’s the only offspring that survived.

To have so many misfortunes heaped on him so early in life has clearly taken its toll as the white creature bows its head to the ground and has a distinctly mournful air about him as he obediently subjects himself to examination.

Last month baffling footage emerged online from China showing a ‘mutant piglet’ with a human like face and a penis on its forehead.

In the bizarre video, that has been shared widely on Chinese social media, a yawning pig like creature is held aloft by a man.

The animal can be seen grasping for breath and looks in a distressed state throughout the clip.

The man in the video proceeds to squeeze some skin, that is in the same mold as a penis, protruding from the pig’s forehead.

Earlier this year a variety of heavily deformed animals were found in Argentina including a black dog with a mini trunk protruding from its nose, a baby yellow chick with not two but four feet, a spider piglet with one head, two bodies and eight legs, a goat with two heads and a baby pig with skin so wafer thin the muscles and blood could be seen flowing around its body.

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