Sharia-enforcing ISIS bansthe burqain Iraq and you wouldn’t believe why


The ISIS has banned women from wearing burqas at their security centres in Iraq. Their reason, however, is not liberating.

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We, the group of onlookers of Bollywood motion pictures, know how convenient a burqa can come when a man needs to go under spread. This "hoody" trap has made the ISIS kind of do a reversal all alone words with respect to the Islamic clothing. 

After thoroughly forcing upon ladies the law to cover themselves with a burqa, the dread outfit has now banned the shroud at their security focuses in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. 

Why is the ISIS banning the burqa? 

As of late, the ISIS has lost a few of their commandants on account of firearm using, burqa-clad individuals. Report likewise say a considerable lot of their casualties were getting away by covering themselves under a burqa. 

In the wake of being tricked in such ways, the ISIS thought of the choice of excepting individuals wearing the cover in their security focuses. 

News site Iran Front Page is said to have been tipped in regards to the boycott by a source in Nineveh, Iraq.So, ladies can now walk the lanes of Iraq without a burqa? 

Not as per the ISIS. 

The boycott just applies to the security focuses. In whatever is left of Mosul and other Iraqi zones controlled by the ISIS, ladies are still anticipated that would wear the burqa.

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