Shamim Khan and team clinched Pro-Am event of Kolkata Classic


Ace golfer Shamim Khan and his team won the Pro-AM event that took place on Saturday.

In the Texas Scramble format, Pro-Am played in the match where the squad’s best ball was selected on every shot comprising the putting green.

Currently, Delhi’s Shamim also head his team to won the game in the Pro-Am event. The team lies with a score of 54.9 points.

Shamim’s squad includes player Adit Bajoria, K K Baheti and Udayjit Bhalotia.

Player Sujjan Singh showcased his outstanding performance in the game that helped his team to achieve second position in the tally table with a score of 55.6 points.

Sujjan’s team includes Akshay Bajoria, Mukesh Kapur and Neha Agarwal.

The award for the closest to the win on whole no. 2 was clinched by Nikhil Sanwal.