Shameless Incident Happened in UP: Three Girls Raped with a Boy


Lucknow. You have listened the incidents of rape with girls, but have you listened the incident of a boy being raped by the girls? Yes, it’s the truth don’t be shocked it’s a real case of Lucknow.  Here are three girls who have done a job with a boy, and you will see them crying.

This was the matter of uttar Pradesh where three girls raped with a boy in daylight. According to the information he is the student a college and was going to the coaching, then the three girls gave him the lift and when the boy sit in the car the girls started reproach with him.

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According to the boy the girls had drunk a lot. They took him to the unknown place and alternatively raped with him. And after that the girls threatened him that if he told anyone about it they viral the vedios and pics of him on social media.

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When the student reached home in critical condition, the parents became aware of it. They took him to the hospital and admit him. Then the boy told the whole incident to his parents and they filed a case in the police station. Now the police is searching for the girls.