Shah Rukh Khan’s tips to Suhana Khan on dealing the paps


Much has been said and written in regards to celebrity kids getting mobbed by the paparazzi which might sometimes lead to awkward moments as they are not used to it. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s girl Suhana Khan was reportedly in a tight spot when she got mobbed by the shutter bugs. It now appears that father SRK had been guiding Suhana on how to deal with such situations and keep away from them later on. As per a report in media, after Suhana was mobbed by the paps while leaving a “Tubelight” screening recently, the 17-year-old made a SOS call to her dad.

When asked about the same, Shah Rukh shared that he had asked Suhana to go to the screening and had likewise advised her that if photographers come and take her photos, she should let them do their jobs and ask whether she can go. SRK included further that photographers will listen to her because he has known them for years now.