Shah Rukh Khan Tweets His coolest hair style pic


Trust on-screen character Shah Rukh Khan to wake up after a nap with the coolest hair style possible.

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In a tweet shared last night, King Khan shared a photo of his guilefully untidy haircut, because of his imperial rest. “I am such a Star! Indeed, even in rest my cushion styles my hair so I wake up prepared for the punk rock fest,” he wrote in his tweet.

We’re dead serious, SRK’s hair looks so great, it resembles he left a salon.

Since being shared, the photo has gathered more than 3,700 retweets and more than 13,800 ‘preferences’. Also, this is only a photograph of SRK’s hair, as you may have guessed.

Twitterati in the interim, not content simply preferring the photograph, thought it shrewd to share some of their own out-of-bed looks. Since why not.

Investigate a portion of the most interesting responses beneath:

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