Shah Rukh Khan buys a fancy new car


Mumbai : The King Khan has purchased a brand new BMW, which is his brand among luxury cars. It is a white, stylish and outright sexy BMW I8, a hybrid vehicle which runs on both electricity as well as fuel. Interestingly, it is the same model that was used by actor Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. SRK purchased the swanky new car from a showroom in Gurgaon. The vehicle was delivered very recently to his Mumbai mansion. Car cost is pegged at around Rs 3.3 crore. 

As soon as the car arrived, the excited 50-year-old actor decided to take it out for a spin. He was behind the wheel himself, with his bodyguard besides him. Ahead of him, his chauffeur and another armed security guard drove in the actor's usual car. SRK was in a jovial mood and asked his guard to back off when he saw Mirror lensman trailing him. He didn't seem to mind Raju Shelar dogging him and kept his eyes peeled on the road.

SRK drove from Mannat, along the Milan subway, before speeding down the highway.After driving for over half an hour, he took a U-turn and drove back to Mannat.