Shah Rukh Khan attacked homeless woman while driving new BMW i8 in Bandra


Mumbai : Shah Rukh Khan recently bought a swanky BMW I8, Meanwhile Shah Rukh Khan was spotted driving his brand new BMW i8 car in Bandra, Mumbai, very close to his home in the western suburbs. Many fans took pictures of his swanky new white car that has a futuristic design. The photos went viral on social media. But not many fans know that as Shah Rukh was driving down the beach promenade on Bandstand, he was attacked by a person who seemed to be a beggar. 

A video of this unusual incident has gone viral online. On seeing SRK behind the driver’s wheel, the woman walked to the middle of the busy road with outstretched arms and forces the actor to stop. The video shows the woman walking up to the car, lying down on its bonnet and then gliding up to the window to greet Shah Rukh. It wasn’t long before the actor’s bodyguards ran across the street to get the woman out away from the car, to prevent her from getting hurt.