Sex Toys can Actually be Fatal


Sex toys can actually be fatal as was highlighted by the death of a man, who had a pleasure toy lodged in his butt for 5 days. 

‘More Varied Orgasm Experiences’ in Women Than Men

50-year-old Nigel Willis, was too ashamed to seek medical help for the vibrator stuck in his body, that he spent almost a week on his sofa at his home in Forest Hill, London, which made him really weak, the Daily Star reported. 

He was rushed to Lewisham Hospital after a pal convinced him to get help, where his condition kept deteriorating despite the toy's removal and treatment, after which he finally passed away from multi-organ failure, sepsis and a perforated bowel. 

The case was presented at Southwark Crown Court, where assistant coroner to inner-south London, Sarah Ormand-Walshe, stated the incident as tragic "accident."

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