Several killed in Central African Republic regardless ceasefire


Nearly 50 people lost their lives in the Central African Republic town of Bria on Tuesday when ceasefire started between rival armed groups in spite of endorsing a day prior of a peace agreement targeted at finishing years of bloodshed, the town’s mayor asserted.

On Tuesday, dozens of people got wounded in the streets of Bria following the gunshots. Later, the aid workers targeted them in the evening to take revenge

Several people died and many others have escaped their homes in the clashes that started after mainly Muslim Seleka radicals expelled President Francois Bozize in 2013, arousing a reaction from Christian anti-balaka militias.

Among 14 armed groups, about thirteen of them in Rome along with representatives from the government endorsed Monday’s agreement. The pact, arranged by the Roman Catholic Sant’ Egidio peace group, suggested an instant ceasefire.

The clashes between former Seleka members and anti-balaka fighters are still on in Bria from past 24 hours.

“I can say there are around 50 dead. There are 42 bodies that were taken to the hospital. There are also bodies in the neighbourhoods that have not been picked up yet,” mayor Maurice Belikoussou stated.

During the violence, the rival armed groups looted the houses of people and set it ablaze. As per medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), about 35 people got injured in the area and they were taken to the hospital.

The existence of rival groups in Bria has taken the lives of about 300 people and 100,000 others got displaced in the month May.

The violence took place on Tuesday near a camp housing people.

“We regret the presence of armed elements in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps, which causes problems not just in Bria but also in other locations. It’s a reality,” MINUSCA spokesman Vladimir Monteiro asserted.

The peace agreement that was signed on Monday targeted at putting stop to the clashes in Central African Republic. The city have been facing dreadful incident of bloodshed from several years.

“(This accord) simply follows the same scenario repeated over and over,” Joseph Bindoumi, president of the Central African League of Human Rights stated. “Those who signed are mocking the people.” He added.