September 15, 2017- Successful Grand Finale of NASA’s Cassini mission!


Today is probably the generation’s last time when our human eyes will see the closest possible view of planet Saturn. After spending 20 years in space, NASA’s $4 billion Cassinni spacecraft had a fiery end after its final approach in the gas giant Saturn.

Cassini(launched in 1997) entered the Saturn system carrying the European Huygens probe and has been touring since 2004.

It provided an enormous collection of data through detailed photographic surveys of the Saturn’s rings, moons and its surface.Related image

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Over a course of 5 months Cassini went through a series of 22 orbits passing between the planet and its complex rings.

During its journey Cassini has made astonishing discoveries like the equinox, the spinning vortex of Saturn’s north polar storm, liquid methane seas on Titan and the indications of hydro-thermal activity in the global ocean within Enceladus.

Its a remarkable day for NASA and kudos! They just made it taking the journey of scientific findings way ahead!