Sepoy Dalai Youngest soldiers killed in the Uri terror attack


NEW DELHI: Sepoy Dalai was among the 17 officers murdered in a fear based oppressor assault in Uri One more officer, Sepoy K Vikas Janardhan, kicked the bucket of his wounds today Every one of the 4 fear based oppressors who assaulted Uri base on Sunday were killed 

As they sit tight for their child's body to touch base at their West Bengal town, the lamenting guardians of Sepoy G Dalai, 22, say they need the strictest discipline for the individuals who murdered him. 

Sepoy Dalai was among the 17 officers killed in a fear based oppressor assault at an armed force base in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri on Sunday. One more officer, Sepoy K Vikas Janardhan, passed on of his wounds today. 

"He was just 22 years of age, was a lesser. Typically seniors are sent there, why was my child sent there," asked his dad. The sepoy's mom told news organization ANI, "He called me on Thursday, said I will go from here… bombs are being tossed… they will murder us." 

In Maharashtra's Amravati, the group of Sepoy Uike Janrao, 27, too is sitting tight for him to arrive home – his body hung in the Indian banner. 

Sepoy Janrao's dad, who excessively served as a Sepoy in the Indian Army, said today, "He joined the Army in 2009. He was posted in Baramullah for a month. We talked only 6 days back." 

Children, spouses, fathers, the vast majority of the men who kicked the bucket in the fear assault were resting in tents in the wake of a prolonged day when the psychological oppressors sneaked into the Uri base at around 5.30 am and started shooting, likewise throwing explosives. The tents burst into flames and numerous warriors were singed alive. 

Each of the four psychological oppressors were killed in a gunbattle which went on for three hours. 

The fear mongers struck amid a change of summon at the base and warriors from two regiments – 6 Bihar and 10 Dogra – were available. 15 of the officers slaughtered were from the Bihar regiment. 

Sepoy Dalai and Sepoy Biswajit Ghorai were from West Bengal, Sepoy Uike Janaro, Lance Naik G Shankar and Sepot TS Somnath from Maharashtra; Subedar Karnail Singh and Havildar Ravi Paul from Jammu and Kashmir; Sepoy Javra Munda, and Sepoy Naiman Kujur from Jharkhand and from neighboring Bihar, Havildar Ashok Kumar Singh, Sepoy Rakesh Singh and Naik SK Vidarthi. 

Four fighters who kicked the bucket were from Uttar Pradesh – Sepoy Rajesh kr Singh, Lance Naik RK Yadav, Sepoy Harinder Yadav and Sepoy Ganesh Shankar. Havildar NS Rawat was from Rajasthan. 

Their bodies were flown out of Srinagar toward the beginning of today after a wreath function, where top Army officers and Jammu and Kashmir boss priest Mehbooba Mufti paid tribute to them. 

The Chief Minister later went by the warriors harmed in yesterday's assault, at the 92 Base Hospital of the Army. 20 Army men were harmed, seven of them are in basic condition.