See What Your Wednesday Says


Aries:You are loaded with energy right now — and being so high-spirited, you'll have a lot of fun juggling all the tasks that other people might find too boring to deal with. This makes you very valuable, and very popular! Expect people to toss you some easy tasks that you can use to build up your expertise and your resume. They don't have the time to deal with them, but you do. Your usefulness will be rewarded and remembered, so don't think that you're doing other people's work for no reason.

Taurus: There will be quite a few new faces on the scene today, and you could surprise yourself by reacting a bit too critically to one of them. Try to be polite. Get your distance from this person if you worry you can't be nice. They are stirring up some weird feelings for you — feelings that you don't understand and might not be able to get a handle on right away. But before you make them aware of their effect on you, talk to a friend or coworker about your concerns.

Gemini: You are about to get a fresh start in an old relationship — and while the transition might feel a bit too bumpy to be comfortable, you can clearly see how things are about to get a whole lot better. Dreams you thought you had to let go of suddenly seem possible again! If you are in an established relationship, get together with your partner and think up a few ways to inject some excitement into things. If you are looking to start a relationship, investigate some new tactics.

Cancer: Your reputation is something you should start taking more seriously. Don't worry — it's not suffering right now, but it could use a polish. So even if you are dying to stick to yourself today, you need to break out of your shell and get out into the world. Show folks what you are made of, and what you can do. Being alone may bring you comfort right now, but being among people will bring you respect and a sense of pride in what you bring to the conversation.

Leo: Whether you are looking for a new friend, a new business connection or a new love, possibilities abound around you today! So initiate a conversation with someone you've always been a little bit shy around — they've been waiting for you to make the first move. You've got strong self esteem, which will help you step right up to this person, give them a solid handshake, hold their eye contact, and start talking. They're bound to be impressed by your confidence and your charm.

Virgo: Planning will be fun for you today — especially if you're planning something that has lots of different elements that need to be coordinated! Going over the finer details will be a task you enjoy — your eye for these details is extremely sharp. Once you nail down the dates, names or times that are important, you'll feel like you just solved the toughest jigsaw puzzle ever. Putting things in order reminds you how much power you have to shape your life.

Libra: Yesterday was a good day, and today is sure to be a good day too! You are in the midst of a wonderful phase of good energy and happiness — even the grumpiest of people will make you smile. At worst, they might get a sigh out of you, but that's it. Embrace all of this positive energy and keep having fun with it. It's an excellent time to try to change someone's mind, so if you need someone on your side it's time to make your most persuasive speech.

Scorpio: Things are going well for you now, but they might not be moving forward fast enough. Your impatience is starting to get you feeling antsy, and even a little bit worried. The temptation is there to push things along a little bit faster — but that's not the right thing to do right now. Just keep doing what you're doing. Trust that things will take care of themselves. Everything is moving at the right speed, and you are right where you need to be. Believe it, and relax.

Sagittarius: You've been too tough on yourself over the past few days, and today you have got to cut yourself some slack. Okay, so you forgot someone's birthday — it happens! Just send belated good wishes and there will be no hard feelings. People give you the benefit of the doubt and know that you've had a lot going on for a while now. One misstep doesn't have to get you off track for the rest of the day. You have the grace required to ask for forgiveness — and then just keep humming along!

Capricorn: Feeling confused about a decision you have to make? If you need more clarity in your thinking, you simply need to make time for it. As early as you can today, get a handle on your schedule and clear out an hour or two of free time. Once your time issues are settled, your vision will become much more clear — and you may see that what you used to think were problems are really just intriguing new puzzles to solve. Before this day is over, you will know what tomorrow brings.

Aquarius: Feel free to express yourself honestly and openly today. Go on — show everyone you meet today just how unique you are. Don't be afraid to raise a few eyebrows in the process, either! Fading into the background and not making any waves might make the day go along more smoothly, but it will also set you up for some boring times. Let your freak flag fly. Break out with an idea that is just so nutty it might work! You'll be surprised by how many people find your attitude refreshing.

Pisces: Challenge yourself today. Not only will you rise to any occasion, but you will exceed your own highest expectations. You are in a prime position to push things in a new direction — you're quick to learn, you're open to the unfamiliar, and your mind will be able to prioritize what matters the most. So get busy looking for something that will keep your brain humming. Feed your intellect, get your heart pumping, and you are sure to have a very exciting day.