See Why Salman’s Aunt Tied His Hands-Legs In His Childhood?


According to the reports, superstar Salman Khan is all set to celebrate his 52nd birthday at his farmhouse. Born in Kalyanman nursing home, Indore at 10:45 Salman is a well-known star today and has a fan following in not just India but across the globe.

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Image result for salman khan young picBut can you imagine that the actor once suffered from the water phobia? During his childhood Salman was always scared of water and didn’t know how to swim. So just to end his fear of water Salman’s aunt tied his legs and hands with the rope and pushed him in the nearby well.Image result for salman khan's ypung pic

After his first water experience the actor later learned how swimming. Other than swimming Salman used to cycle on the roads of Indore during his vacations. At the age of 12, he used to jump from the height of three meters. Not just this he even used to balance his bicycle on the staircase and on rocky roads.

Image result for salman khan young picAccording to Salman’s uncle, the actor was always demanding and rigid. Salman was not only naughty but he was also fond of stunts.


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Salman was undoubtedly a notorious boy and that’s why he used to tease girls and scare them with his naughty actions.