See how Lord Ram showed true meaning of life’


NAGPUR: Devotees were dealt with to a pleasant elucidation of Ramayana made by Yogi Manohar Harkare, went with singing of shlokas from the epic, by a troupe of 30 artists at Scientific Society Hall on Wednesday.

The program, ‘Walmikincha Ram’ was organised by Yogi Manohar Dnyan Prasar and Kanak Sur Mandir to check the Ram Navratri and the fourteenth passing commemoration of the yogi. Previous leader Kunda Vijaykar directed the program.

As indicated by Yogi Manohar, who did a top to bottom investigation of Ramayan, Lord Ram ought not be restricted to the Hindus. Lord Ram set an example before the society how an obedient son should behave and what the true meaning of life is. Narrating these thoughtshis child Datta Harkare stated, the yogi spread the message of fellowship. Life of the ruler ought to go about as a motivation for the general population of all religions.

Artists exhibited different shlokas from Ramayana while speakers disclosed to the crowd their significance.

Reviewing his relationship with Yogi Manohar, boss visitor Hargovind Murarka stated, “As indicated by him, sagas like Ramayan, Mahabharat, puranas and Shrimad Bhagwad were typical and the emphasis was on achieving truth.”

Mahesh Gupta said, “Personalities like Harkare are born once in many decades. Success comes from sadhana and books written by ‘kaka’ are helpful for everyone.”