See how Kangana Ranaut responded to Vidya Balan’s ‘credit’ comment


Recently, we reported the controversy between Kangana Ranaut and “Simran” co-writer Apurva Asrani where the later claimed that the performing artist was trying to take the entire written credit for her upcoming film ‘Simran’. In a social media post, Apurva slammed the creators and the performing artist for giving Kangana the co-writing credit for ‘Simran’.

After a week of the controversy, Vidya Balan posted a photo on her Instagram taking a dig at Kangana for the co-writing credits. Vidya posted:

Kangana, who is known for talking her mind and shunning opinions and statements made against her, had a rather cold reaction over Vidya’s post. While Apurva laughed at the post, Kangana stated, “Ha ha, I read about that. Vidya is a dear friend and truly, I am not a thin-skinned person when it comes to people taking digs or jibes at me.”

Well, this too is a good way to respond to a jibe taken at you.