Security forces rescued elderly Kashmiri couple held hostage by terrorists


JAMMU: A couple in their seventies were caught inside their home for a few hours on Sunday with fear mongers in the same building, trading fire with security powers. 

The fear mongers entered the two-story building, which is mostly under development, around 8 in the morning. 

Haji Nazir Mir, who is incapacitated, and his significant other Mumtaz Mir, couldn't escape when security powers emptied different inhabitants in the area. 

Mr Mir is a cousin of Congress administrator Jahangir Hussain Mir. 

In extended periods of terminating, three fear mongers and a policeman were slaughtered while five armed force men were harmed. 

Reports said Mr Mir and his better half had bolted themselves inside a room in the building. The police said it was a noteworthy test to ensure that the couple was protected while the terminating was on. 

They were saved unhurt after every one of the fear based oppressors were murdered around 7:15 pm, police said. 

"The couple, who were held prisoner, have been securely emptied. Three fear based oppressors have been murdered," senior cop Johny Willian was cited as telling the Media