Secrets of death described by Lord Krishna


Astrology: Every human, no matter how wise or dumb, how rich or poor, how healthy or sick, is always under the fear of death. This consistent anxiety often leads to one suffer through, Thanatophobia (fear of death). Life, however, is unlikely, but death is inevitable. Most people live through believing in the fact that good deeds and sins influence their next birth; more importantly re-direct their pathway to heaven or hell.

Which is an absolute truth, if we go by religious scripture (but there has been no evidence or no one to prove it, whatsoever.) But, how do you explain life; as a time full of love, hope, pain, joy?

Garud Purana

There are certain things mentioned in Garud Puran (one of the 18 mahapuranas) in Vaishnavism literature that explains the death and its pre-course. Today, we will reveal to you a few gems from Garud Puran that will satiate your thirst to understand death, and how it comes.


Lord Krishna in Garud Purana has explained in detail, on how an individual’s death depends on his ‘Karma.’ People who follow the path of righteous and right conscience and keep their faith in almighty deep-rooted have a peaceful end.

Individuals, who all their lives commit misdeeds, embrace selfishness and ignorance to spiritual course, suffer through painful death. And, the ones who often lie and break faith of others and are involved in heinous activities are considered evil and as per Vedas, their death comes to them in the worst possible way. They die in unconscious state.

To some, the last course would seem justified, as who would want to experience the pain of death. When the person is unconscious they can’t speak a word, are not able to convey what they are going through, cannot seek help, their mouth dries up, and oxygen leaves their body even before they know it

What is death?

However, no mortal can ever foretell the exact moment of death, but those who are closely involved in the last moments of person’s life care, like their wives, nurses, or doctors, etc. describe an unexplained feel when death approaches.


Here are a few signs that arise only when death approaches:

Loss of appetite

Nothing excites them, not even the aroma of their favorite food. Usually people would say, such symptom is normal during regular bout of illness. But, prolonged denial to consume edible items with no feel from within is a sign to be getting cautious off. Not even force feeding would help them gain their will from within.

Extreme physical weakness

The person would clearly decline the intake of food or liquids, ultimately leading to lack of energy, which may hinder the menial work like, lifting head or limbs, or tilting to shifting to one’s side. They may even not have energy to gulp fluids down their throat.

Loss of awareness

Insomnia or disturbing patterns of sleep becomes quite normal, when one’s body is not functioning regularly. But, unresponsiveness to reality is one scary call. As death nears, an individual may come across as insensitive to human presence or any form of life. They may just look through people, as if nothing exists.

Talking thoughtlessly

This is the time when the person would occasionally smile, or utter something unconnected to the present. They may speak of something totally baseless or remember things from past and go on talking unconsciously. This is the time, when the brain is receiving less to no blood circulation.

Feeling light

A person may experience absolutely no heaviness and may feel light as feather. Nothing around them hauls them to reality and they start believing in the alternative world.

Disconnect from world

Its usual for a person under prolong care to disconnect himself/herself from the outside world, but occasionally they would come back in. But, unending refusal to connect with even loved ones might be a sign that the person has seemingly taken the last piece of support that they needed.