SC: Playing National Anthem before movie screening is not mandatory


Before movie screening, it was mandatory to play National Anthem. The order has been modified now therefore, Supreme Court announced on Tuesday that it is not a compulsion to play national anthem before screening in cinema halls.

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The order is now modified Supreme Court on Tuesday 9th January, 18 communicated that it is not mandatory to play the national anthem in cinema halls before screening of any movie. This comes a day after the Centre urged the apex court to recall the order, stating that an inter-ministerial committee has been formed for framing final guidelines over the decision and order. Supreme Court asked the government’s inter-ministerial committee to make a comprehensive decision and what changes are required in the law and its executive orders related to national anthem. The final decision will be taken by the committee. The committee will need at least six months to finalize and take the final call.

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The order was implied on 30th November 2016; Supreme Court had ordered all cinemas to play the national anthem before screening of any film which signifies the message i.e. “for the love of the motherland”. It was important to show the national flag on the screen through the duration of the anthem and that movie-watchers should stand in a show of respect.