SC partially stays linking of PAN with Aadhaar


The Supreme Court on Friday stayed the administration order of linking the Aadhaar with the PAN card and said that the matter is stayed till the constitution bench settles on a choice.

The matter of connecting Aadhaar cards with PAN cards was proposed to keep individuals from utilizing various PAN cards and to get unification the income-tax process. Be that as it may, a petition to the apex court communicated fears connecting Aadhaar card wish such pivotal reports will empower simple surveillance of the respective person.

In spite of confirmations from the central government in the Supreme Court on Friday that the Aadhaar card can’t be utilized for reconnaissance and tracking activities and that the different utilizations of Aadhaar can’t be seen by anythird party, or the government, the apex court gave a stay order on the matter.

As various issues with respect to the Aadhaar card, aside from connecting it to PAN are pending in the Supreme Court, a two-judge bench driven by Justice AM Khanwilkar has said that the court will inspect every one of the applications against the Aadhaar card on June 27.