SBI permits user to withdraw cash of 2 lakhs from ATM, check how?


If you are worried due to the less withdrawal of cash daily from ATM’s, then this is great news for you! Now, the users will be able to withdraw Rs 2 lakh every day from SBI ATM.

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Since November, the limits of withdrawal of ATMs from banks across the country were reduced after the demonetization in the month of November. Currently, a person can withdraw Rs 50 thousand daily from consumer ATMs. On the other bank ATM, the people can withdraw up to 15 thousand rupees per day.

SBI has come up with a special scheme for its account holders. SBI has launched a debit card so that Rs 2 lakh can be withdrawn from the project ATM. Not only this, SBI account holders will be able to make online transactions up to Rs 5 lakh daily from this debit card.

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Apart from this, SBI Platinum Debit-ATM Card will allow you to withdraw up to Rs 2 lakh daily in the country and abroad. At the same time, this card will be able to make online transactions up to Rs 5 lakh daily. To use this card, the bank has to pay an annual rate of 350 rupees with 18 percent GST.