Saudi police ‘foil Mecca Grand Mosque attack’


On Saturday, Authorities in Saudi Arabia have foiled a “terrorist action” targeting the Grand Mosque (Masjid-e-Haram) in Mecca, quoting officials.

Quoting Saudi inside service the report said that a man who wanted to assault the mosque exploded himself when security strengths encompassed a house in Mecca where he was stowing away.

No less than 11 individuals, including five policemen, were injured in the fall of a three-story building where the suspect had blockaded himself.

Five other individuals, including one lady, were kept amid the operation, reports said.

Since late 2014, Saudi Arabia has confronted occasional bombings and shootings asserted by the ISIS.

Four individuals were killed a year ago days before the finish of Ramadan in a blast near Islam’s second holiest site, the Prophet’s Mosque, in the city of Medina.

It was one of three suicide blasts around the kingdom on the same day, and which the US Central Intelligence Agency said bore the hallmarks of ISIS.