Saudi financial specialists ‘nearly watching post-Brexit situation’



Jeddah: Saudi specialists and financial specialists are watching post-Brexit improvements in Britain and Europe intimately with significant intrigue and concern, a business exchange at the Arab News office in Jeddah was told on Thursday.

Inviting senior ambassadors from Britain, France and Italy to the examination on the subject – Europe, UK, GCC and Brexit: Winners and failures, Arab News Editor In Chief Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi highlighted the significance of strong relationship between Britain, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states in different fields including exchange.

Mohammed Showkat, diplomat general of Britain; Patrick Nicoloso, representative general of France; and Elisabetta Martini, emissary general of Italy, forewarned against hypothesizing on Brexit's effect on money related markets in their comments.

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They likewise concurred that the basics of the British economy are extremely solid. They, in any case, focused on the need to end the time of instability at the earliest opportunity.

"We perceive there is a need to reestablish trust in the budgetary markets," said the British representative.

"We have emergency courses of action to manage any supported unpredictability," he included. The three ambassadors commended the activity of Arab News in arranging the dialog on this vital issue. Basil Al-Ghalayini, CEO, BMG Financial Group, Sami A. Al-Nwaisir, executive, Al-Sami Holding Group, and Kamran Butt, overseeing chief, head of customer consultative, SEDCO Capital, additionally mentioned intriguing objective facts about post-Brexit improvements.

Al-Ghalayini communicated the perspective that London is still an alluring destination for financial specialists from Saudi Arabia, Gulf nations and whatever is left of the world.

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