Saudi Arabia: Four Air India Crew Members arrested For Not Revealing Original Passports


NEW DELHI: The Saudi Arabia police arrested four crew members of Air India few days back as they could not reveal the original passport. As per Air India pilot, crew members of all airlines are needed to submit their passports at the immigration office at Jeddah.

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Airline staff submit this certificate at their restaurant and carry a photocopy along with themselves. Therefore, the employers only have photocopies of their travel documents throughout their stay in the country.

The employees were out for supper after their flight from Mumbai arrived in Jeddah when a police group moved toward them to check their travel papers.

At the point when the carrier staff neglected to give the first reports they were placed in a police van and their telephones reallocated.

“We worked AI 931 on July 26. Subsequent to arriving in Jeddah, four of us went to eat outside. On our arrival, our taxi was ceased by the Saudi police to check our licenses. On demonstrating to them our xerox from migration and our legitimate AI Id we were placed in the police vans and were advised not to utilize mobile phones.

“Our zerox licenses are invalid and going out is a major hazard,” the team individuals educated their associates in a message about the episode later.

Staff members feel this episode happened on account of “miscommunication” between the neighborhood police and migration specialists.

The Air India has now settled the issue with Saudi’s migration authorities and the carrier staff members will be issued an uncommon Air India personality card.

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A four-month reprieve allowed by Saudi Arabia to illicit transients to leave the nation with no punishments terminated a week ago. It would now be able to drive expulsion and detainment of people who neglected to return home.