Sanjay Sipahimalani has a new funny way of describing the notes ban and its side-effects


PM Narendra Modi’s move to boycott Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes has a few supporters and also critics. The move is all the buzz on web-based networking media. Twitter client Sanjay Sipahimalani has thought of a new, funny way for portraying the notes boycott – and its reactions.

Putting a clever turn to the various upgrades since demonetization was declared on November 8, Mr Sipahimalani has imagined a series of in-flight announcements.

“Do affix your safety belts, since we’re in for a rough ride,” he starts and goes ahead to hilariously spoof the announcements or the process (or possibly both). Way to defuse some tension with use of humor.

Take a look at the tweets below:

“This was so damn entertaining. So great,” said one analyst. “Splendid stuff,” said another.

Mr Sipahimalani isn’t the just a single. Someone else who gave an engaging twist to the notes boycott is the relentless Baba Sehgal.

The ’90s rapper shared a drifting video titled ‘black Money’ on November 18. Its melody goes something like this: Aur khelo, aur khelo gilli aur danda, anda poochey murgi sey kya hai black ka funda… Enough said.

Watch the video below: