Samsung sues Huawei in China for patent violation


Samsung claims that Huawei encroached on six licenses in what is seen as a key move for both of the telecom mammoths.

Tech goliath Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Friday it sued Huawei Technologies Co Ltd for patent encroachments through various courts in China, raising a lawful clash between the cell phone rivals.

The suits stamp the most recent salvo in a battle between the world's No. 1 and No. 3 cell phone creators, who contend savagely over the world in an industry that scientist IHS says is worth $332 billion this year.

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The South Korean firm sued Huawei in a Beijing court around two weeks prior for purportedly encroaching six of its licenses, a representative said. She didn't expound on the sorts of licenses or the other Chinese courts included.

"Regardless of our earnest attempts to determine this matter agreeably, it has unfortunately gotten to be important to make lawful move with a specific end goal to shield our licensed innovation," Samsung told Reuters in an announcement.

A protected innovation court in Beijing said on its authority Weixin account that Samsung sued Huawei and a retail chain in Beijing and has asserted 161 million yuan ($24.14 million) in harms.

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Samsung requested that the two litigants stop generation and offers of items the South Korean firm says encroaches on its licenses, including Huawei's Mate 8 and Honor cell phones, the court said.