Salman Khan charms co-star Zhu Zhu


Director Kabir Khan roped in Chinese actress Zhu Zhu for his cross-border movie project 'Tubelight' that has Salman Khan as the main lead. And the actress, who has worked alongside Hollywood A-listers such as Tom Hanks and Russell Crowe, is reportedly charmed by her leading man. In an interview with an Indian daily, 32-year-old Zhu Zhu said, "I am thrilled to have this chance to work with Salman.

I have seen his films, and I'm very charmed by his talent." She also said that she was deeply moved by the script of this unique project. "I am sure this is going to be another amazing experience in my career and in my life. Kabir is not only a brilliant filmmaker, but he also always showcases humanity, love and the lives of ordinary people in his movies, which everyone in the world can relate to."

Director Kabir Khan, on his part, said Zhu Zhu had a strong screen presence which stood out as he was auditioning for the part of a lady to share space with Salman, "She has a strong screen presence, and is a fantastic actor. Salman and she will make an interesting onscreen couple."
Well, we wish the trio luck with their venture and hope it creates box office records, just like Salman and Kabir's last outing, 'Sultan' did.