Salary of pourakarmikas doubled in Bengaluru


Benagaluru: The salaries of civic workers (pourakarmikas) in Bengaluru have been nearly doubled from the beginning of August. This is the largest increment for low paid contract workers.

“It would make pourakarmikas of Bengaluru among the highest paid in the country”, Labour Department officials said.

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This decision has been announced by the Labour Department on August 4. Till July, they were being paid Rs. 7,730 (including provident fund and Employee’s State Insurance Corporation), now there salaries has been hiked to Rs. 14,040.

 “Hikes in the past have only been a few hundred rupees. With this hike, thousands of workers across the State can expect to lead a better life. The disparity in minimum wage for those in private employment and those in government departments has been set right,” Narayana, Chairperson of the Karnataka Safai Karamchari Commission, told reporters.

S. Balan, president of BBMP Contract Pourakarmikas Association said, “The increase, however, does not address the disparity between the pay of contract and permanent workers. ”

“Our demand was Rs. 21,000 to match what permanent employees are getting. It is still not equal work for equal pay,” he added.  

“The accounts in which PF and ESI should have been deposited for over a decade is nearly empty. While the issue is being probed by personnel from the PF and ESI as well as the Social Welfare Department, we want the State government too to conduct a probe,” said Narayana, president of the Commission.

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