Saina Nehwal knocked out of Rio Olympics 2016


Saina Nehwal went down to a Ukrainian from Dnipropetrovsk who does not have a hardware support and whose most noteworthy accomplishment before this was a second place in group European Championships of u-17. A genuine harm to the right knee – she had a substantial strapping on and battled in development – had extremely debilitated the Indian World No 5's endeavor to progress in the Olympics and Saina Nehwal, a bronze medallist will return home amidst a desolate Games that are soon turning grievous for the Indian unexpected. It's that sort of Olympics – a Sunday morning severe shock from Marjia Ulitina who felled Nehwal 21-18, 21-19.

Minister Vijay Goel says will respond after getting details

"There was a torment in my knee, so I couldn't play well. It was fat cushion aggravation in the right knee. I have a substantial strapping on my knee, and my development was bad I attempted, but rather I couldn't do it," she said before long.

The damage was maintained in preparing 10 days before coming to Rio, keeping in mind Nehwal's staff of bolster endeavored to fix her once more into playing shape, the recuperation wasn't sufficiently quick, and it got exasperated in Rio. "It happened just before the Olympic Games. I attempted my best, yet developments were not smooth. My development was agonizing from the begin of the Olympics. She played well most likely, yet I couldn't move by any stretch of the imagination," she told the press not long after the match.

Notwithstanding when found in seclusion – and very separated from the general dejection of the Indian unforeseen in Rio – this is a gigantic mishap for Saina Nehwal, and it is dependably learnt that the knee-bust is quite genuine.

For the observed Indian – the nation's first Olympic medallist who hit the high notes of World No 1 a year ago and had gone into Rio with a title at the Australian Open – this will be a way out reminiscent of the second pool diversion at Guangzhou's Asian Games – where her test neglected to take off completely.

Be that as it may, this was appalling in light of the fact that 2016 was the Olympics with womens' singles taking care of business with upwards of eight contenders spread over the globe for the gold award.

On Sunday morning, Saina Nehwal was a sitting duck for the humble Ukrainian, positioned 61 on the planet. The main signs that Rio would not have been especially wonderful for Nehwal had come in her opening match – that hollowed her against Lohaunny Vicente, a spunky if constrained Brazilian. The nearby new kid on the block would shake Nehwal and the group would yell the rooftop down as she expected to coarseness out a win with the scores snapping excessively close for her solace.

She was drowsy in her first match too, yet known not a moderate starter, the match could have been rejected as a run of the mill Saina-lung opener. In any case, what unfurled in the Ukraine match was a declining bend where Nehwal initially attempted to discover her cadence in crushes, scarcely going for the second kill shot and afterward her recovers looked so manageable that there was no probability of a subsequent champ. The mistakes heaped up as she went down and when the end came, it was an extreme swallow more than a glaring stunner.

One of the greatest names from the Indian unexpected had been blown far from Rio, and the court float wasn't the issue.

And after that there was the dodgy knee – again an unfeeling update.

London's Wembley had seen Saina Nehwal go on top of the platform, standing gladly alongwith two Chinese when she won bronze. It was after Chinese Xin Wang had collapsed up with a busted knee – she was most recently seen gripping a back ligament of the left mid-leg – subsequent to driving 21-18, 1-0 when India had its first decoration in badminton.

For a long time now, and in spite of medalling at the World Championships and achieving No 1 – Saina Nehwal has combat mean comments on the win being a "fluke" – a fairly unjustifiable evaluation on the grounds that a terrible knee can liken to an awful misfortune – as was clear today, and staying fit and not separating is present day game's unglamorous shrouded ability. The wheel turned as it expense Saina Nehwal a second modest at knockouts for an Olympic award.

"It's unquestionably a terrible misfortune. I additionally feel terrible about this," she would basically say – however it stays to be checked whether she has another Olympic Games in her.

Srikanth, the solitary Indian in men's singles, kept himself in the chase by achieving the thump out pre-quarterfinals from Group H by vanquishing Sweden's Henri Hurskainen 21-6 21-18 in his second match to measure up.

Thin Sindhu later conveyed some cheer to the down and out Indian camp by making it to the pre quarters of ladies' singles from her Group M subsequent to showing signs of improvement of Michelle Li of Canada 19 21-15 21-17.

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