Safest International destination for travelling


Travel: people want to travel and explore new counties and cultures. There are millions of interesting destinations we may all want to check, some of those destinations may just be too impractical to visit nowadays. We bring to you 10 such countries which are relatively safe and absolutely gorgeous. Plan ahead, stay safe, and explore away to your wandering soul's content.


If you are yearning to spend your next anniversary at a posh club, with some light background music and wine, but aren’t able to zero in on a destination, land in Singapore to experience the liveliest form of life among a blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian culture. Singapore is very safe, especially for first-time travellers. The Singapore Government remains committed to maintaining Singapore as one of the safest countries in the world.


Pack your bags for a peaceful yet adventurous trip to the land of Sushi. Explore the picturesque gardens, feel the thrill at Mt. Fuji, or just saunter around Lake Kawaguchi, relaxing in the midst of nature. It’s an amazing country that opens up to tourists warmly. As long as you are cautious, as you would be in any new country you are travelling to, there’s nothing to worry about.

Hong Kong

Treated as the international transport hub, and revered by the rest of the world as one of the prominent trading centres, this city amazes you with its mind-blowing cuisines, the wide range of choices for shopping, fascinating monuments and waterfronts.

Add to this the safety parameter! Hong Kong is an incredibly safe city to travel to. This is enforced by police patrolling at all times. You can walk the streets alone, even at night, or use any of the local transports including subway, trains, buses and taxis. One note of caution, as you would do anywhere in this world, just be careful about your belongings, and you will enjoy a hassle-free tour.


Denmark has always been in the list of safe destinations, so you can safely pack your bags putting all your anxieties away. Cabs are safe to hail, and the cab drivers are honest and ready to help at all times, to the extent that if they go off the decided route, they stop the meter till they return to the specified one. Just be careful about your belongings and enjoy your trip to this friendly country.


This oil and gas producing nation is not just in the limelight for its contributions to the global economy, but is also considered a very safe tourist destination. To get a first-hand experience of driving on the sand dunes and enjoying the lovely beaches in the Middle East, plan your trip to Qatar soon. Considerable police presence ensures that you can be safe from petty crimes. In addition, if you are aware of the local laws and customs, and respect those while you are there, no one will bother you.


As a tourist, you would be interacting mostly with people from other countries, who know that one single instance of crime, or a complaint will get them deported. This plays a huge factor in making UAE a very safe travel destination. At the same time, we would recommend that you respect the local culture, follow the law, and you will end up having a memorable tour of the Middle East.