Sadiq Khan, voiced support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton


CHICAGO: London's first Muslim chairman, Sadiq Khan, voiced backing for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday, cautioning that hostile to Muslim perspectives like those upheld by Republican Donald Trump "plays into the hands" of ISIS. 

Amid a stop in Chicago on his first visit to the United States, Khan said he was "a major fan" of Clinton and trusted she would win the presidential race in November. 

"She's apparently the most experienced possibility to raced to be the president," Khan advised columnists taking after a discourse to more than 250 scholastics, ambassadors and agents. 

"As the father of two little girls, I think the message it sends when the most intense legislator on the planet is a lady is extraordinary, and trust she wins," said Khan, who as chairman of London is seemingly one the most compelling individual from his confidence in western Europe. 

Instantly in the wake of taking office in May, Khan went head to head with Trump over his proposed restriction on permitting Muslim workers and displaced people into America, disparaging his arrangement as "unmindful." 

Amid his about 45-minute discourse before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Khan did not specify Trump by name but rather assaulted the positions the New York designer has staked, for example, fixing Muslim movement into the United States. 

"I think to propose some way or another that Muslims aren't welcome in the U.S.A., to recommend by one means or another that being a Muslim isn't perfect with being western, inadvertently plays under the control of daesh or alleged ISIS," Khan said. 

Trump has offered a developing position on Muslim migration into the United States since his unique December 2015 require a restriction on Muslims entering the nation. 

Prior this mid year, he voiced backing for restricting the boycott to just nations with known fear based oppressor joins. A month ago, he seemed to direct to some degree on an out and out boycott by touting the possibility of the United States undertaking "compelling reviewing" of approaching Muslim workers, evacuees or guests.