Sachin Tendulkar’s Chinese food enjoyment gets gritty, check what happened?


Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest cricketers of the world, has said goodbye to cricket, but even today he is as popular in the cricket world as before retirement. Tendulkar is very fond of eating but when he ate Chinese food for the first time, his first experience was quite disappointing because he had to come back home hungry and thirsty.

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Tendulkar loves to eat food prepared by his mother but it was only till nine years.  For the first time,  Tendulkar tasted Chinese food along with his colony friends.

Indian cricket champ has remembered this incident in a new book when we used to contribute 10-10 rupees, which was a lot of money at that time and I was quite thrilled to try something new. However, that evening proved to be quite disappointing because he had to suffer the loss due to his low age in that particular group.

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He said in that restaurant, “we ordered chicken and sweet corn soup in that restaurant. We were sitting on a long table and when the soup came to me from the other end, there was little left in it. Most of the group’s boys had finished the soup and we had very little left for the little ones.”