SAARC must address terror: Sri Lanka PM


Sri Lanka PM had a meeting with Narendra Modi on Wednesday to discuss about the ongoing terrorism in the country.

During a meeting, PM Narendra Modi  and Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe cautioned that SAARC summit must address terrorism.

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“The issue of cross-border terrorism is on the table and the heads of states of SAARC will have to address this challenge. SAARC will become irrelevant if cross-border terrorism is not addressed,” Mr. Wickremesinghe said.

“Cross-border terrorism might worsen if SAARC is thrown away,” he said.

He added, “Out of the eight member regional grouping, three countries are badly facing security problems.”

 “I don’t think war [India-Pakistan] is an option. Your Prime Minister has already taken a lot of steps to defuse tensions.”

“For India and for me, this is a crucial phase; a solution needs to be found. Let us see how we can move forward on dealing with this phase,” he said.

Sri Lanka was the fifth nation to issue an announcement against holding the nineteenth SAARC summit in Islamabad in November. He said Sri Lanka's ruling against going to the summit was chosen through a procedure of majority rule counsels, and highlighted that Sri Lanka was talking about "a few choices" in molding the South Asian provincial request.

India's arrangement to manage the rising difficulties figured in Mr. Wickeremesinghe's meeting with Mr. Modi on Wednesday and both sides examined two-sided issues, for example, India's guide and specialized backing to Sri Lanka. In his meeting with Mr. Wickremesinghe, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh valued that Sri Lanka "is as a rule concurrence with India on the requirement for an UN CCIT [Comprehensive Convention against International Terrorism]."

Mr. Wickremesinghe met Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

He said that amidst the "urgent stage" in South Asia, his nation would proceed with the peace-building process that began taking after the end of the war against the Tamil Eelam warriors.

"Sri Lanka is a nation that works in participation with the worldwide group on the premise of truth looking for, equity, compromise and improvement," he said.

Mr. Wickremesinghe's interest on SAARC with a counter-dread center takes after India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan refering to "cross-outskirt fear based oppression", "forced war" and "obstruction" from Pakistan, and wiped out arranged investment in the November SAARC summit in Islamabad.

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