Russian passenger attempts to open Moscow-Delhi plane door onboard


The onboard passengers of Aeroflot flight got panic when a drunk passenger attempted to unlock one of the doors of the flight in sky. The flight was going from Moscow to Delhi

The passengers of Flight SU 232, Moscow-New Delhi acted hurriedly to control the circumstance. The staff on board prevented the individual from opening the entryway and quieted different travelers.

The pilot educated the Delhi Air Traffic Controller (ATC) about the circumstance and asked for police’s assistance at the airplane terminal. The occurrence on the flight occurred when the plane was going to arrive.

As indicated by a Delhi Police official, the occurrence occurred on May 22. After the flight arrived in Delhi, the man was given to experts. Aeroflot’s control room in Moscow was likewise educated about the occurrence.

“After the flight arrived at T3, the pilot given over the traveler with Flight Disturbance Report (FDR). The report said that the traveler attempted to open the entryway of the flying machine mid-air in an intoxicated state and furthermore expended liquor on load up,” Hindustan Times cited the Delhi Police official as saying.

The traveler was apparently made to show up in a court and let off in the wake of paying a fine of Rs 50,000.

In April, a traveler turned vicious on a Dubai-Delhi flight and must be secured to his seat.