Russian minister confine over alleged $2 million bribe


MOSCOW – A senior Russian Cabinet minister has fallen very suddenly from grace, accused of bribery and abuse of office but seen by many observers to be the victim of a Kremlin power play to ensure that President Vladimir Putin remains the ultimate arbiter in Russia

Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev was detained late Monday, immediately after he allegedly took a $2 million bribe in a sting set up by the FSB domestic security agency, the Investigative Committee said in a statement Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Putin fired Ulyukayev without waiting for the court to determine whether he's guilty, citing a "loss of trust," according to the Kremlin.

Ulyukayev's capture has been generally observed as a major aspect of Putin's continuous push to save the harmony between adversary groups in the higher classes of force in Russia. 

Specialists said Ulyukayev acknowledged the cash for having given the green light to state-controlled Rosneft to participate in offering for another oil organization. 

Faultfinders, in any case, addressed why the installment was made a month after Rosneft finished the arrangement, why it was paid in real money and why the accomplished Ulyukayev would be sufficiently stupid to blackmail cash from the super-intense Rosneft.

Ulyukayev, the most astounding positioning Russian authority to have been captured since 1993, was formally accused of coercing a pay off from Rosneft and debilitating "to utilize his forces to place deterrents in the method for the organization's exercises." 

Putin had been educated of the FSB operation in its arranging stage, his representative said, demanding the examination concerning Ulyukayev ought not influence the Rosneft bargain. 

"What happened is outside my ability to grasp," Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told administrators, including that no administration figure has invulnerability from arraignment. 

Ulyukayev, who was selected a delegate back priest in 2000 and has held his present post since 2013, is a liberal who has stood up against expanding government nearness in the Russian economy.