Russian adolescent said he lived on Mars before being reawakened on Earth


In a strange occurrence, a Russian man who has confounded researchers since birth guarantees that he lived on Mars before being renewed on Earth. The 20-year-old Boriska Mipriyanovich has jumbled specialists with his insight into space. As per his folks, Boriska could talk a very long time after he was conceived and would regularly examine subjects that they had never shown him, similar to outsider civilisations.

As a baby, he flabbergasted his specialists by having the capacity to peruse, compose and draw by the age of two. His mom, who is a specialist herself, says that the principal sign that he is exceptional came a long time after his introduction to the world when he could hold his own particular head up unassisted.

Boriska, from Volgograd, cases to have lived on a ‘war-assaulted’ Mars, which experienced an atomic disaster in the removed past. As indicated by him, the Martians who measure around seven-feet tall still live underground on the Red Planet and take in carbon dioxide. Boriska additionally includes that they are interminable and quit maturing when they are 35-years of age and are likewise mechanically progressed and equipped for interstellar travel.

As a schoolboy, Boriska clarified how the Martians had a solid association with the antiquated Egyptians on Earth and how he had once gone by the planet as a pilot. Boriska additionally said that the life on Earth will change drastically when the Great Sphinx landmark in Giza is ‘opened’ including that the opening system is taken cover behind an ear.