Russia strongly warns US against striking Syrian army


Russian Defense Ministry representative Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said any US strikes on regions controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assad's legislature could imperil the lives of Russian servicemen. 

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The Russian military on Thursday unequivocally cautioned the United States against striking the Syrian armed force, taking note of that its air protection weapons in Syria stand prepared to battle off any assault. The announcement underlined high pressures amongst Moscow and Washington after the breakdown of a US-Russia-handled Syria ceasefire and the Syrian armed force's hostile on Aleppo sponsored by Russian warplanes. 

Russian Defense Ministry representative Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said any US strikes on regions controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assad's administration could risk the lives of Russian servicemen. 

He said Moscow was concerned by media reports charging that Washington was considering the likelihood of striking Syrian armed force positions. 

"I would prescribe our associates in Washington to precisely measure conceivable results of the satisfaction of such plans," Konashenkov said.In Washington, State Department representative John Kirby said "We're taking a gander at the full scope of choices here and those remarks in any case, regardless we have an obligation as an administration to consider every one of those choices." 

"I don't discover them (remarks like the notice) supportive to pushing ahead, to achieve some kind of discretionary arrangement here. Be that as it may, the Russians ought to represent themselves and why they're stating that sort of thing," he said. 

Russia reacted with disappointment to the US-drove coalition's air strike on Syrian armed force positions close Deir el-Zour that executed 60 Syrian officers on Sept. 17, dismissing the US clarification that the assault was a misstep. 

Konashenkov said "we have taken all the essential measures to keep any such `mistakes' with respect to Russian servicemen and military offices in Syria." 

He said the scope of Russia's S-300 and S-400 air safeguard rocket frameworks sent to Syria would be an "amazement" to any nation working its flying machine over the nation. Konashenkov included that the Syrian armed force additionally has different Soviet-and Russian-fabricated air protection rocket frameworks, which have experienced modernization over the previous year. 

Since Russia has dispatched its air battle in Syria in backing of Assad's strengths a year prior, the Russia and the US militaries have kept up contacts to keep any midair occurrences between Russian warplanes and the flying machine from the US-drove coalition in the skies over Syria. 

Konashenkov cautioned, notwithstanding, that the Russian military won't have sufficient energy to utilize the hotline on the off chance that it sees rockets on their approach to focuses in Syria. 

"It must be comprehended that Russian air protection rocket groups will improbable have sufficient energy to elucidate through the hotline the accurate flight system of the rockets or the responsibility for bearers," he included. 

In a clear allude to the US stealth airplane, he included that any "dabbler fantasies about stealth planes could slam into baffling substances." 

The Russian military reported Tuesday that a battery of the S-300 air guard rocket frameworks had been sent to Syria to ensure a Russian office in the Syrian port of Tartus and Russian naval force ships off the Mediterranean coast. 

Tartus is the main maritime supply office Russia has outside the previous Soviet Union. 

The organization has added more punch to the Russian military power in Syria, which as of now incorporates long-extend S-400 rocket guard frameworks and a variety of other surface-to-air rockets at the Hemeimeem air base in Syria's seaside area of Latakia. 

Russia has directed an air crusade in backing of Assad since September 30, 2015, sparing his armed force from up and coming thrashing and helping it win key ground.

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