Russia : Couple doubts of assassinating and consuming 30 victims


Russian cops seem to have revealed one of the country’s most horrific incidents of anthropophagist following pictures of dissect bodies were recovered on a phone associated with one of the key accused, Russian media stated.

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The ghastly incident in the southern Krasnodar region has caused the capture of a 35-year-old man and his wife. The duos are alleged to have assassinated over 30 people ever since 1999 and even ate parts of the bodies, Russian media affirmed. The cops have found seven sufferers yet.

The offenses were exposed when a smartphone, which involved photographs of the man posturing with a mutilated female victim. He was recovered on a street in Krasnodar prior September. The dead body of woman was recovered in a bag, as per official news agency RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the accused refused having murdered the woman, asserting that he had recovered the pieces of her body and took photographs of himself with them, before mislaying his phone.

“According to the owner of a cell phone that had been lost before, this is one of those hands with which he made a selfie,” the source directed RIA Novosti.

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It added that, “Up to now the man had confessed to only two assassinated.”