Runaway trio from juvenile centre first stole a luxury sedan


JAIPUR: A suspicious Scorpio car in Kho Nagoriyan area was intercepted by the police, when the vehicle was asked to stop three minor boys, aged 16 to 17 were found driving the vehicle, as per the statement of the police officials.

“After a close examination done by us, the three minor young men were recognized as the runaway children from the juvenile centre,” police said.

The trio first stole an extravagance vehicle from Bhatta Basti, a Tata Manza from Vidhyadhar Nagar, a bicycle from Shastri Nagar, and another bicycle from Ajmer transport stand.

“The pack was busted with the assistance of neighborhood poliemen, they will be given over to the perception home as every one of them are minors,” the police said.

The police had before followed four other runaway minors. They were then given over to the juvenile care home.