Runaway cow charges at police officer and smashes down gate in dramatic dashcam recording


A runaway bovine charged at a cop slamming through a fence in its quest for the cop in dramatic police dashcam film.

Officer Gabriel Estrella had sought after the dairy animals over a few enclosures on Thursday in the wake of recognizing the creature in his back view reflect while driving the avenues of Temple, Texas.

He check in with base camp to check whether there was a bovine free to move around at will – and was guaranteed there was and he wasn’t quite recently observing things.

The officer seemed to have succeeded when the cow entered a fenced off range.

He is found in the video closing the doors to secure the bovine.

Yet, the bovine all of a sudden turns and charges towards him.

Estrella keeps running for cover behind his vehicle.

The car collisions through the entryway and keeps running past the vehicle.

“I saw that another fence was open so that is the reason you see me inside the fence since I would keep running crosswise over and close the opposite side,” he said.

“Be that as it may, I heard something and saw a cow coming at me so I needed to move off the beaten path. ”

The site said the bovine was most recently seen around 8.30pm Thursday traveling east outside as far as possible.